International Food Fare

Cucumber CupsOverview:

 Eat! Mangia! ꜟCome!

Cooking and eating are universal and the workplace has become very diverse.  Your team will come together in this friendly competition.  Each team will prepare food from a different country for everyone to enjoy and appreciate.

Spring Rolls

  • Each team will choose a team leader, “The Executive Chef,” by majority vote.
  • Each team will be given an envelope with the food item that they are responsible for preparing. The food item will be listed by name and will have a list of ingredients but no procedural instructions. This is where the Team Building kicks in!

  • A “Community Table” will be provided with a plethora of additional food items for each team to use in addition to the ingredients already on their individual prep tables.

  • All teams will have 1-1/2 hours to prepare their food item or items.

  • They will be judged on taste, creativity, presentation, and teamwork.


  This event incorporates problem-solving,

   sharing of leadership, skillful planning, and

   camaraderie,  just to name a few of the positive


Results: Improved Teamwork

  • Fun, competitive interaction

  • Great meal produced by the entire group

  • Appreciation for international foods

  • Excellent feeling of accomplishment by all

 Group Size:

 10 to 100

 Time Lapse:

 Approximately 3 Hours