Ready-Set-Cook makes everyone feel like an “Iron Chef”! It combines the elements of surprise, creativity, imagination, teamwork, time constraint, and a whole lot more. Your group will be divided up into teams, either by you or by our staff, whichever you prefer.

Our trained culinary staff will provide an incredible array of ingredients for your group to cook with…and then just before the competition begins, a SECRET INGREDIENT will be revealed. “Ready-Set-Cook”!!!!

  • Each team will choose a team leader, “The Executive Chef,” by majority vote.

  • Each team will be required to prepare at least one dish using the secret ingredient, plus one additional dish that will be an accompaniment/compliment to the main dish.

  • Each team will take five minutes to discuss what they will prepare.

  • All teams will have 1-1/2 hours to prepare their food item or items.

  • They will be judged on taste, creativity, presentation, and teamwork.

This event incorporates teamwork, creativity, blending of ideas, time management, and a whole lot of fun!Intense Cooking


  • Improved Teamwork

  • Fun, competitive interaction

  • Great meal produced by the entire group

  • Excellent feeling of accomplishment by all

ShrimpGroup Size: 10 to 100

Time Lapse: Approximately 3 Hours