Talent Chef

Team 1


Talent Chef is a fun, competitive, culinary challenge that brings all team members together and helps them develop an appreciation for each other through the various skills, ideas, and contributions that each individual brings to “the prep table.” Your group will be divided up into teams, either by you or by our staff, whichever you prefer.

  • Each team will choose a team leader, “The Executive Chef,” by majority vote.

  • Each team will be given an envelope with the food item that they are responsible for preparing. The food item will be listed by name and will have a list of ingredients but no procedural instructions. This is where the Team Building kicks in!

  • Team 2A “Community Table” will be provided with a plethora of additional food items for each team to use in addition to the ingredients already on their individual prep tables.

  • All teams will have 1-1/2 hours to prepare their food item or items.

  • They will be judged on taste, creativity, presentation, and teamwork.

This event incorporates problem-solving, sharing of leadership, skillful planning, and camaraderie, just to name a few of the positive elements.

Team 3Results:

  • Improved Teamwork

  • Fun, competitive interaction

  • Great meal produced by the entire group

  • Excellent feeling of accomplishment by all

Group Size: 10 to 100

Time Lapse: Approximately 3 Hours