Why Team Building?

Chef Tim and Kim MehneIt’s no secret that people work better when they work together. Allowing every person to express his or her individuality and creativity — while striving to attain a common goal — can yield remarkable results. This is the idea behind team building; it’s a proven method of bringing people together to express themselves. And what better venue than the kitchen?



Here’s why team building is so effective:

Communication: The doors of communication open up as the menu is discussed and prepared. This can improve office relationships and, in turn, improve the quality of work.

Motivation: The more comfortable employees feel to express their ideas and

opinions, the more confident they become. This motivates everyone to take on new challenges, and to succeed individually, and as a group.

Creativity: Exposing employees to new experiences generates fresh ideas and

promotes creativity. These ideas are brought back to the office and implemented on a daily basis.

Problem-Solving Skills: Team-building activities that allow colleagues to work

together to solve problems can improve their ability to think rationally and

strategically in the workplace. Teams that are able to identify a problem and think critically to solve it can effectively take charge to resolve everyday issues, and handle crises when they arise.

Trust: Team building enhances the trust factor among employees. Often in

corporate settings, there is a disconnect between the leadership team and

employees simply because the employees perceive too large of a gap between the two. Team-building exercises provide leadership the opportunity to be seen as a trusted colleague rather than just a boss. This can do wonders for employee morale!

Team building in the workplace fosters better communication, stronger relationships, and ultimately, increased productivity. Everybody wins!